Art Defender has established important partnerships with leading operators in the art world with the objective of safekeeping and preserving the Fine Art and collectible heritage; thanks to the expertise of all the people involved specialized for meeting any request from the clientele. These collaborations are conceived with the aim to create initiatives finalized to the development of culture.

Arterìa srl is the leading italian company in transport, packing handling and installation of artworks. It is present on national territory with facilities and caveau in Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice and Turin. Every year Arterìa takes care of packaging, transport and installation of the most prestigious Italian and Foreign Exhibits. Great events for a company at the service of Culture and Art.

The Italian Antiquarians Association was established on 10 October 1959, in a gesture intended to support and share the spirit and ideals of the Florence International Antiques Fair. The Fair is the feather in the cap of the Association, and over the years it has endeavoured to consistently raise the level of quality, identifying with the aims and ambitions of its members and succeeding in consolidating its status as one of the most authoritative events on the international scene. In this sense both the Association and the Fair (which is on record as being the first antique art fair in the world) immediately made their mark, established as a model of quality and morality not only on the Italian scene but also on the international stage, like all the events that were to follow. Transparency in the trade of works of art is indeed one of the fundamental benchmarks of the Association, together with the severe prosecution of any unfair dealing or underhand expedients, which it has always staunchly fought against, even through legal measures: a stalwart and resolute stand in defence of antique art and the enhancement of its heritage.
Today, the Association numbers 150 antiquarians, belongs to the International Confederation of Art and Antique Dealers’ Associations, is involved in the organisation of prestigious cultural events, sponsors lectures and conferences designed to foster and spread a knowledge of antiques and antique dealing. Finally, it also offers scholarships, awards and certificates aimed at stimulating the culture and knowledge of the heritage of antique art.

Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane is a Moral Agency recognized by DPR 11.26.90, for over 36 years it aims to facilitate the conservation, valorization and management of historic residences. In our country, often credited with 60% of the world’s cultural heritage, the historic-artistic heritage of architecture, is an essential part of the cultural identity. The conservation of this heritage, a truthful memory of the past, requires that it should be passed on to future generations through the protection and valorization of buildings and historic gardens, protecting them from degradation and destruction. The historic residences in fact, are not always turned into museums and preserving them in some way is keeping them alive, by choosing a compatible destination reflecting the original vocation of the buildings. Specifically, A.D.S.I. promotes the counseling and legal assistance, administrative, fiscal and technical assistance to its members for the purpose of safeguarding, conservation, valorization and management of historic residences – it maintains good relations with the competent public authorities – collaborates with similar national and international associations, particularly European ones with similar purposes and is a member of HEH (European Historic Houses ) – promotes studies, research and other activities aimed at the attainment of social goals and envisions the means to achieve a more adequate European and national legislative orientation.

AXA Art, the only insurance company exclusively devoted to the protection of works of art thanks to its international structure which includes more than 600 experts. Its distinguishing know-how and its great experience, acquired during the years, make AXA Art a point of reference in the art, antique trade and collecting world. Being part of the AXA Group, AXA Art’s mission is to combine the risk financial cover to the specialized competence addressed to the protection and conservation of the cultural heritage.

Art Defender has signed an exclusive agreement with Opificio delle Pietre Dure of Florence aiming to provide, for the first time in their history, private customers with the renowned and multi secular experience of The Restoration Institute. This agreement allowed for some restoration interventions on works of high artistic value and identity permitting the recovery of the works as well as renewed enjoyment by citizens. Opificio delle Pietre Dure (OPD) is an autonomous Institute of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture whose operating activities and research is carried out in the field of restoration of artworks and it is divided by area of restoration and research (paintings, stone, jewelery, tapestries and textiles, pottery and ceramics, bronzes, paper, strip fresco, wooden sculptures, but also glass, wax, glyptic, stucco, etc.) in the form of construction sites and technical-scientific.

Istituto Matteucci Founded by Giuliano Matteucci, the Matteucci Institute is the most qualified institution for the study, cataloging and expert advice on Italian painting of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Known and appreciated at an international level, it is characterized as a center of excellence for appraisal, examination, evaluation and to get information on works and artists of that period. Amongst the main resources, we point out the database, established through an extensive and complex work of cataloging which now counts more than 150 thousand indexed cards referring to more than 10,000 artists. Each card is accompanied by an index number that allows you to trace the origins of the painting, its history and the accompanying bibliography.


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