Art Defender is committed to provide the world of Art and Collectibles with a service of excellence. This is reflected in the commitment and constant search for highly quality standards, optimization, control and certifications, as well as in the adoption of an organizational model for administrative responsibility.

Art Defender complies to a code of ethics that defines values, behaviors, and social and ethical responsibility shared by those who work in the name and on behalf of the company, not only with respect for the law , but also of moral principles that govern the civil society.

In order to promote the culture of prevention and the development of people’s sense of responsibility, Art Defender has decided to adopt an organizational model for management and control in accordance with the Legislative Decree n. 231/01 on the administrative responsibility of companies. The model consists of a series of principles, rules and regulations affecting the internal operations of the company and the way the company itself relates to stakeholders. In particular, the model includes the application of management systems for service quality, the workers’ health and safety, information security and environmental protection. The adoption of the model has led to the appointment of a Supervisory Board consisting of: Mr. Michele Giunti, Mr. Maurizio Pontiggia. The Board supervises the compliance with the model 231 in order to ensure transparency and fairness and to prevent the commission of the offenses covered by the Legislative Decree 231/01.

For more information a dedicated channel of communication (e-mail) has been created:

Our financial statements are subject to a statuory audit carried out by KPMG Spa.

Art Defender has obtained the certification ARTPROTECT™ issued by Global Risk Evaluations Ltd for compliance with the most stringent standards as to artwork storage.
“The objective of the artprotect TM program is to assist owners of art in their loss of control efforts. The recognition of these art storage companies and specific locations is purely advisory and based upon conditions observed and information made available to our agents at the time of the risk assessment survey. While our agents have endeavored to uncover those unsafe acts or conditions which could contribute to an accident or loss, it cannot be assumed that they have detected every loss potential or hazard, and nor does this assure compliance with any federal, state or local code of law. We recommend that art storage companies and owners of art undertake their own due diligence. We assume no responsibility for updating any information to reflect changing conditions. In no event will Global Risk Evaluation Ltd or our agents have any liability for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising in any way as a result of your reliance on this information. The issuance of this certificate by GREvL shall not be construed as indicating the existence or availability of coverage under any policy for any property or type of loss or damage.”

Art Defender, along with Arterìa and AXA ART, endorsed and adopted the first example of a security protocol applicable to the protection and risk prevention related to artworks. For Artworks prevention is most crucial, theft and damage are, in fact, the main causes of decay and loss of the artistic and cultural heritage.
The Art Security Protocol, which opened in May 2010 is a sophisticated system based on the integration of all the factors that play a key role in the life of artworks, from storage to transport and insurance. The security protocol guarantees the quality of services provided by operators who adhere to defined, certified and verifiable standards, thus allowing for a substantial reduction of risk probability.

Fire compliance for the established activities.

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