Art Defender offers Museums, Foundations, Trusts, Companies and Private Collectors unique and flexible solutions aimed to accomplish all their personal or their clients requirements as to art management and handling.

A single space satisfies all the collector’s needs.

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Art Defender satisfies all the collector’s needs by detecting every time personalized and flexible solutions for safekeeping and preservation of artworks and valuables, guaranteeing total confidentiality. All the facilities offer diversified services with the highest standard of professionalism.

Thanks to diversified know-how and skills matured while working continuously at the service of the art collecting world, make it possible for Art Defender to meet all the requests from museums and foundations including exhibit events, offering transportation and climate controlled safekeeping deposit for collections or in transit exhibitions, including a full range of additional services.

Art Defender also addresses all categories of professionals working in the field of artwork and collectibles in order to expand the range of services available to its customers and respond to multiple requests providing a full range of high standard additional services and the ability to take advantage of facilities and workspaces equipped with state-of-the-art technology dedicated to the preservation and conservation of artworks and collectibles.

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